Young Executives: Trendsetters With a Purpose

Young Executives began in 2013 as the Run NC movement. Our founder, Preston Wasson, wanted to give local artists a chance to showcase their talents with contests called “Roc the Mic.” In the following years, the organization expanded to focus more on the community as a whole and eventually evolved in Young Executives. As a soon to be non-profit organization, Young Executives (yE), focuses on raising awareness about business, education, and culture among people of all ages.


The Run NC movement began as a collaborative effort between our founder, Preston Wasson, and a group of people he considers to be a “Dreamteam.” Inspired by the way the group Run DMC broke the ice for hip hop artists across the nation, they wanted to create a similar atmosphere in their hometown of Statesville, NC. Channeling the energy of the original Dream Team (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson), the group wanted to find a way to showcase the talent of local artists. “Roc the Mic” was born as a result. People came from every surrounding county in order to perform and hopefully be crowned winner – Run NC was off to a great start.
Determined to continue their success into the summer, the “Dreamteam” drew inspiration from their childhood. When they were growing up, cookouts were held every Sunday at the local park; impressed by the impact these events had, the Day Party concept was born. The first Day Party had food vendors and school fundraisers present; 3-on-3 basketball tournaments were played; a car show was held; and a “Roc the Mic” was incorporated with a live DJ. There was something for everyone.
With each successive event, the crowds only grew larger. The 2015 Day Party had a bouncy house for children, free ice cream given away, book bags filled with school supplies raffled off, and another impressive car show. Around 1000 people came out to make the event our most accomplished one to date.


Realizing copyright & trademark laws made his goals unattainable with the Run NC movement, our founder, Preston Wasson, brought Young Executives (yE) to life. As a future non-profit organization, Young Executives seeks to raise awareness among people, young and old, about business, education, and culture.
One way Wasson has found to do this is through the creation of a clothing line. Style is an important asset to any successful person; first impressions often make or break a person trying to enter the business world. The yE brand combines a classic, casual look with the ring of personality still lingering in the air.
Wasson is a firm believer that cleaning up our looks can clean up the perceptions of our culture – with the help of designer and printer Trey Caldwell, as well as the Dreamteam, he hopes to do just that.

Our shirts are the first in a long line of clothing & products yet to come.